All rules are up for change, I run this league for other pilots not for myself. If you have an idea or a suggestion that would make the league more fun, accessible or safe please contact me.

Eligibility & Guidelines
  1. Must have a GPS capable of recording your track log. The GPS will also need to show or route you to turnpoints that have been uploaded to the device. Most cell phones are capable of doing this now with several apps.
  2. A serviceable 2m HAM radio required for emergencies, do not broadcast if you do not have a license (How to get a HAM license)
  3. GPS Tracker (SPOT/Delorme) not required but STRONGLY advised
  4. Helmet, a serviceable reserve... blah blah blah
  5. Must meet site requirements (most SoCal sites require P3) and fly by site rules including paying local club fees if applicable.
  6. Eligible pilots can fly and get scored in both Sprint and XC tasks.
  7. Pilots that have an incident that could be construed as dangerous (despite the outcome) will be asked to write an incident report before being allowed to fly further events. This report may be shared with the league as a teaching tool to increase safety awareness.
  8. All pilots must have completed registration and handed in a waiver.
  9. Pilots are to treat volunteers, drivers, organizers, pilots, free flyers and spectators with respect. Any disputes can be reported to the meet organizer.
General Rules
  1. Relaunches are allowed but the entire course must be restarted.
  2. Disputes and protests will be settled by the organizer and 2 other senior pilots participating in the league.
  3. All participants are encouraged to bring the data cable they need for instruments they plan to fly with.
  4. All pilots must fly with right of way rules:
    1. first in a thermal sets turn direction
    2. pilots with ridge on the right have right of way
    3. pilots approaching thermals must come in from tangent lines
    4. pilots climbing faster in thermals have the right of way
    5. no cloud flying
    6. we do not set a turn direction at league meets since there are free flyers that will not observe the direction
  5. If the weather is not taskable at the primary location we will always attempt to move the location to the closest site that is taskable or at least flyable. Generally speaking we will try not to change the dates of weekends unless there is an overwhelming majority requesting it.
  6. Dedicated retrieve drivers will be paid $100/day and vehicle owners will be reimbursed for gas used during retrieve. If no task is flown we will not be able to compensate retrieve drivers unfortunately though we will do our best to notify drivers as far in the future as possible.
  7. Pilots that land in restricted areas will receive 0 points for the day. This includes San Manuel Reservation East of Marshall but other areas may be added as needed. This also includes restricted airspaces and TFRs.
General Scoring
  1. Only the top 50% of scores will be used to determine rankings. This means that you don't have to show up to all events to still place well in the league. If the number of events is odd then we will keep half the scores rounded up (i.e if there are 11 events, 6 will count for scoress).
  2. Rankings are determined by summing scores from each task.
  3. Divisions will only be recognized for awards if there are 3 or more pilots regularly competing in them. Last year for example we only had 1 serial pilot (EN-D or lower) regularly flying so only the sport class (EN-C or lower) was recognized. Sport class now has an additional requirement that the aspect ratio be less than 6.5.
  4. Hang gliders will only be given distinct tasks if requested AND there are 3 or more hang gliders present. If not then they will fly the same PG task but be scored separately.
  5. Any joint meets with the NorCal league will count towards SoCal scores (Dunlap in June, Owens in September/October). Pilots must register with the NorCal league in advance to fly joint tasks since these are organized solely by Jug. NorCal XC rules for participation may differ from SoCal rules, for example HAM licenses and SPOTs are mandatory. NorCal pilots must compete in at least 2 dedicated SoCal events to be eligible for awards in the SoCal league.
  6. If a pilot changes wing throughout the season they will be scored based on the highest rated glider they flew.
Sprint League Rules
  1. Minimum 40 hours airtime (20 hours in the mountains)
  2. Pilots should be comfortable inducing collapses such a frontals and assymetrics. If you aren't comfortable taking a collapse in calm air then you shouldn't be flying in thermic air!
  3. EN-B glider or lower and flat aspect ratio less than 5.8. By limiting aspect ratio I aim to keep out many of the new B+ wings that are not suitable for actual EN-B pilots.
  4. There will be no points for lead or time points, only distance points with a maximum of 1000 points for goal
  5. Minimum distance points will be given to all pilots that fly but bomb out before reaching minimum distance.
  6. Scoring will be a simple calculation of (distance flown along course)/(total task distance) * 1000.
  7. Non-Sprint pilots are permitted to fly the course with participants and mark thermals or give instruction, this may allow P2 pilots to fly P3 sites provided they have an observer or instructor with them.
  8. Most Sprint tasks will have a start window with an elapsed time start gate, meaning that once the start window opens, pilots can launch and start flying the course whenever they are ready.
  9. Most tasks will be around 20km in distance which will be about an hour of flying for skilled pilots and about 1.5 hours for newer pilots.
  10. Registration is currently set at $5/task
  11. Ride to launch, site fees and retrieval costs are not included in the task fee but may be collected at the same time.
  12. Calendar of events is separate from XC league but may overlap
  13. When Sprint tasks overlap with XC tasks both days will have Sprint tasks. When Sprint tasks are on a separate weekend they will be only 1 day. If there is an overwhelming request to always have two day Sprint tasks I will ammend this rule.
XC League Rules
  1. $10/day task fee, half price entry for the weekend ($5) for those that have never flown a task
  2. Tasks will be scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday if the weather permits. If only 1 day is taskable we will still have a task on that one day
  3. Ride to launch, site fees and retrieval costs are not included in the task fee but may be collected at the same time. For bigger XC days we will pool money together to pay for dedicated retrieve drivers, this usually is about $20/person for the retrieve.
  4. Should be comfortable flying well with others in gaggles
  5. 80 hours of airtime, 40 hours in the mountains
  6. P3 with turbulence and restricted LZ sign-off (or HG/International equivalent)
  7. Must have USHPA insurance for international pilots. 30 day insurance is available for $5 if requested in advance.
  8. All gliders are welcome to fly the XC league
  9. Modified GAP formula:
    1. No departure points, arrival position points, arrival time points
    2. Distance points, time points and leading points will be used.
    3. No time points given if ESS is reached but not goal
    4. Stopped task bonus glide = 2:1
    5. Tasks are not normalized to 1000
    6. Min distance = 5km
    7. Nominal distance = 10km
    8. Nominal time = 0.75
    9. Nominal goal = 30%
    10. # of pilots in goal day quality factor = 100%
    11. Stopped task day quality factor = 100%
  10. If you beat Aaron you must buy him a beer otherwise he may have trouble reading your track log.