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Weather predictions are notoriously difficult for Santa Barbara. Best flying times are late fall to early Spring. Often times Santa Barbara works when the Santa Anas are blowing due to high mountains blocking the wind, strong temperature gradients generating South flow and eddies in the winds aloft that cause different wind patterns to setup here than the rest of SoCal. It's hard to get a reliable forecast more than a day out and the best bet is to always look the day of flying to get the most accurate picture. Often times if the forecast is showing winds in the 5-10 mph range from the North, there is a good chance the South wind will setup and allow for flying. Cloud flying is quite common here with low ceilings but ample lift and thermal triggers allow for some great XC potential even if the thermal tops are low.

Local Tip On Lapse Rate: General rule for SB is 19-22 degree spread or better for a scratch & sniff day, 22-25 degree spread for a good day, and 25 degree+ for a great day. The spread formula is forecasted ground temp high in SB vs. 6k winds aloft temp.


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