1. FAQ
2. Problems with Glider Ratings
3. Gaggle Flying
4. Gear Setup
5. Flymaster Setup
6. Flytec 6030 Setup
7. Spot VS Delorme
8. XC Task Clinic
9. GPS Comparison
10. Sprint Tasks
11. DIY Cell Mount
12. DIY Flight Deck
13. DIY Catheter
14. Incidence Reports
15. Creating Waypoints
16. Creating Airspace
17. Resources
18. FTV Explained

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SoCal XC League?
Who can fly in the league?
What skills should I have to fly with the league?
What gear do I need to fly in the league?
Why do I need a HAM license and how do I get my HAM Technician's License?
Can hang gliders fly in the league?
What does a typical day flying with the SoCal XC League look like?
How much does it cost? Where does the money go?
How does a task get scored in the league?
What do the overall points mean?
I'm not comfortable flying with the league yet but want to come out and learn. What options do I have?
I think the league should fly at site x, how can I help make that happen?
Who runs the league?
What is the NorCal XC League? When/Where do they meet?
What happens if the weather is not flyable?
What happens if a task is stopped halfway through?
What happened to the women's division?