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Spot vs Delorme Inreach

Information pulled from NCXC discussion thread on April 8th, 2014

Main tradeoffs of Inreach (vs SPOT):

++ allows 2-way satellite text messaging
++ allows 1 or 2 minute tracking interval
++ uses AA vs AAA batteries
- plan and tracking is more expensive, but has the option to turn off for part of year, so if you only fly XC seasonally it could be a wash
- Size is a bit larger

More Delorme Pros:

More Cons:

i did contact the support/customer service people about the automatic invitation to reply and the lack of GPS coordinates in the messages, and they seemed open-minded about requesting those features for the future.

p.s. it always seems to want to update the sync sw or firmware when i plug it in to update my message configuration. today it wanted both and the sync sw needed the entire latest Mono Framework installed on my Mac - 380GB worth. that seemed excessive....