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Sprint Tasks

Sprint tasks are designed for pilots that are new to cross-country and task flying. Tasks are typically around 20km in length which is about an hour of flying for top pilots, or possibly two hours of flying for newer pilots. The format for the tasks will generally be an elapsed time start with a launch-open time. This means that once pilots are allowed to launch they can start flying the course whenver they want to.

Scoring will ignore all time points and reward pilots solely for flying the greatest length along the course. Unlike traditional XC competitions, this means several or all pilots could be awarded 1000 points for the day provided they all make it to goal. This will reinforce the idea to pilots that making it to goal is the primary factor and getting there quickly is only an ancillary goal. I believe this will promote more thoughtful, conservative and safe flying as well as establish excellent habits for all future cross-country flights by Sprint league pilots.

Sprint league events are currently set as one day events when they do not coincide with XC league events. If the majority of pilots want two day events I will consider updating this policy. Sprint league events are sometimes run separately from XC league events because the XC league flies at sites that are not suitable for newer students. By keeping the event at Marshall or other moderate sites it keeps events stress free.

Be sure to read up on the league rules before your first event.

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