1. FAQ
2. Problems with Glider Ratings
3. Gaggle Flying
4. Gear Setup
5. Flymaster Setup
6. Flytec 6030 Setup
7. Spot VS Delorme
8. XC Task Clinic
9. GPS Comparison
10. Sprint Tasks
11. DIY Cell Mount
12. DIY Flight Deck
13. DIY Catheter
14. Incidence Reports
15. Creating Waypoints
16. Creating Airspace
17. Resources
18. FTV Explained

Gaggle Flying

Why Fly in a Gaggle

What information do you get

Getting comfortable flying with friends and strangers!

Choosing the right gaggle

Entering a thermal

Flying the thermal

When to leave a gaggle (unsafe gaggles)!

Leaving a thermal

Common Mistakes made while gaggle flying

Things to Practice